We offer a rapid measurement service (2-7 days) with an electret ionization chamber. The radon concentration varies during the day, the week, the month, the year. A short test provides minimal information to guide you. Thereafter, a long-term test should always be carried out to validate that your home is safe.
    Détecteur concu pour une durée de 4 jours 

    We offer a long-term measurement service, 3 to 12 months, with an ionization and electret chamber dosimeter.

    This result is an indicator of the quantity of radon present in the air of your home during the year. Depending on the result, we will guide you for the rest and the actions to be implemented.

    Détecteur concu pour une durée de 91 jours 

    Active soil depressurization is the most effective mitigation technique. It consists of installing a pipe trough the basement concrete slab or the crawl space of the house and attaching a fan to it. This fan sucks radon from the ground and expels it outside the house through a pipe.
    Identifier les voies d'infiltrations du radon 

Do you already know the radon concentration in your home?

If you have already obtained a result above the threshold of 200 Bq/m, you must correct the situation quickly and effectively. Gaz radon Québec offers several solutions. Our certified specialists can assist you in mitigating radon. Contact us for a free quote and protect your family's health today!
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