The testing period in your home is a crucial step. Gaz radon Québec specializes in measurement and initially offers a short-term (rapid) or long-term test for your property. The result is available on the day following receipt of the dosimeter at our laboratory.
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    When the measured radon concentrations exceed the Canadian standard of 200 Bq/m3, mitigation measures are required. We are here to help you find and implement the right solution for your home. Gaz radon Québec offers a comprehensive service in the installation of mitigation measures. Appropriate measures can be installed in a single day. A post-mitigation test is included, involving both a rapid and long duration dosimeter.
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  • Why choose Gaz radon Québec during a real estate transaction?

    Gaz radon Québec offers its customers a radon detector with ionization chamber and uses electret, a technology recognized in 30 countries. Delivery of the dosimeter is rapid as are data retrieval and transmission of results. You can plan a test before the pre-purchase inspection and the results can be included in your inspector's report. A clear plus for any buyer concerned about the health and safety of his or her family.
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The importance of testing for radon during a real estate transaction

Here is a position statement from CARST for real estate transactions High levels of radon are known to occur randomly in homes in all provinces. We believe that all real estate agents and brokers should encourage buyers to take a radon test. The test should be performed at the time of purchase if the seller has not already performed a recent certified radon test. The test should be performed according to Health Canada recommendations. Radon is a radioactive gas that has been classified as a Group 1 carcinogen and which, according to Health Canada, is responsible for approximately 3,200 lung cancer deaths per year in Canada, and of this number approximately 1,000 people in Quebec province. Radon occurs naturally outdoors at low concentrations and in this environment, it does not pose a serious health risk as it is diluted to very low levels. However, radon concentrations can reach high levels inside homes, which can potentially put the health of the occupants at great risk. Elevated radon levels in homes can be caused by a number of reasons such as the underlying geology, construction design, installed mechanical equipment and/or the natural stack effect inside the house. It is prudent for the buyer to understand the environment of the home they are buying. CARST (Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists) also encourages all sellers to strive for certified radon testing, as described above, before listing their home for sale or rental. If high levels of radon are identified during the test, this should not be considered a barrier to selling a property. Regardless of building type or radon levels detected, all homes can be easily repaired, in most cases in less than a day, by a Certified Radon Mitigation Technician.
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Utilisation de la géologie pour identifier les zones à risque de concentration de radon et informer les politiques de prévention et de contrôle : La mission de notre entreprise

Notre entreprise utilise une technologie de déploiement de masse pour cartographier les risques de concentration de radon par région. Nous utilisons des techniques géologiques avancées pour identifier les zones géographiques riches en minéraux radioactifs, qui présentent un risque plus élevé de concentration de radon. Nous analysons également la perméabilité du sol et de la roche, qui peut jouer un rôle important dans la concentration de radon. En utilisant des outils tels que la cartographie géologique, la spectrométrie gamma et la modélisation géologique, nous pouvons produire des cartes précises qui indiquent les zones à risque élevé de concentration de radon. Ces cartes peuvent aider les autorités à élaborer des politiques de prévention et de contrôle du radon, ainsi qu'à informer les propriétaires de maison et les acheteurs immobiliers sur les risques potentiels de radon dans leur région. Avec notre technologie de déploiement de masse, nous sommes en mesure de fournir des informations précises et utiles pour protéger la santé publique et prévenir les risques de concentration de radon.

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