Lors d'une transaction immobilière les options

During a real estate transaction the options

During a real estate transaction ACSTR 2018 guidelines urge homeowners and buyers to test for radon during the real estate transaction.

For the sellers, before the transaction, the real estate brokers had to inform the sellers. A long-term test is recommended. If necessary, mitigation measures could be carried out by the seller. Buyers will be encouraged to see that the seller is taking care of the long-term health of future owners.

For buyers, real estate brokers and inspectors had to inform them of the dangers and recommend a long-term test after taking possession. The eastate brokers should agree on an amount to be put in trust. If mitigation measures are required, the amounts withheld will be used for this work.

Buyers can request a short-term test, minimum 4 days. This test can be used as a guide later. The ACSTR guide provided a reference to standardize testing protocols by PNCR-C professionals using a rapid identification system. Depending on the level of radon tested a Green Yellow or Red code will be assigned.

Green the guide does not recommend further testing.

Yellow the guide recommends an additional long-term test, there is a chance that the radon level exceeds 200 bq/m3.

Red the guide recommends a long-term test because the chances are high that the radon level exceeds 200 bq/m3.

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